The Night Before Nano

Sitting in Writer’s Group tonight. Strawberries and dried apricots on the table. Just less than 5 hours until Nano starts. I am not the crazy sort to start at the stroke of midnight, so won’t be starting until tomorrow sometime. If I get a chance first thing, will make a start then. Having achieved the 50,000 words a years ago, this year I am aiming on hitting 75,000. That means for my 20 chapter novel, I need an average of 3,750 words. That totals 2,500 a day on average.

The only part I have really been struggling with is how to end the novel. I have two options. One is open ended leaving it to the reader to decide what happens next or to end it on an unresolved cliff hanger. I am leaning more towards the unresolved cliff hanger based on the story I am going to write. That will a bit more down beat but would suit the story.

The biggest challenge is to build the characters. By the mid-point of the story there will be up to around 15 characters, although that will be my limit. I am still working out the exact number. The antagonist won’t be appearing until the last 6 chapters. He is a nasty piece of work, but in the face of the events leading in to the novel, it is warranted. The only question is, should I write a chapter or two of his backstory or leave it up to the rest of us to piece it together? Maybe I might have to put them in a poll on the NaNo site.

Here’s to November and 50,000 words!


Plotting Done

After a few days of plotting this year’s NaNoWriMo novel, I have now completed the 20 Chapters. The only part that I haven’t decided upon is how the novel should end. The option is to keep it open ended with a glimmer of hope for the group or to end it on a bit of a cliff hanger for the protagonist.

The plan is now to start working on some character profiles, particularly the protagonist, the antagonist and several more of the group. At this stage, it is looking likely to having about 15 characters total, although that can swell and deplete as the story progresses.

The countdown to Thursday is on!

NaNoWriMo is Upon Us

It’s that time of year again with NaNoWriMo starting on Thursday 1st November.

What is NaNoWriMo you ask? It is the National Novel Writing Month. The aim is to write a 50,000 word Novel in the 30 days through November. It is more of a novella length but can be used as a spring board for getting a new story off the ground.

You can follow my progress here.

As part of the Riverland Creative Writing Group (you can find us on Facebook), we are taking this challenge on as a group for those interested to participate. I have participated a few times but have taken a break the last 2 years. This year I am going against type and writing a Horror novel rather than my usual Science Fiction.

I started plotting the idea out last Wednesday night at group, planning out the first 8 chapters so far. The background detail leading to the events that form the main story are going to be told slowly but also sparingly, leaving most of what has happened in the past open to the readers minds to fill in the blanks.

Stay tuned for more on where the story goes.