The Night Before Nano

Sitting in Writer’s Group tonight. Strawberries and dried apricots on the table. Just less than 5 hours until Nano starts. I am not the crazy sort to start at the stroke of midnight, so won’t be starting until tomorrow sometime. If I get a chance first thing, will make a start then. Having achieved the 50,000 words a years ago, this year I am aiming on hitting 75,000. That means for my 20 chapter novel, I need an average of 3,750 words. That totals 2,500 a day on average.

The only part I have really been struggling with is how to end the novel. I have two options. One is open ended leaving it to the reader to decide what happens next or to end it on an unresolved cliff hanger. I am leaning more towards the unresolved cliff hanger based on the story I am going to write. That will a bit more down beat but would suit the story.

The biggest challenge is to build the characters. By the mid-point of the story there will be up to around 15 characters, although that will be my limit. I am still working out the exact number. The antagonist won’t be appearing until the last 6 chapters. He is a nasty piece of work, but in the face of the events leading in to the novel, it is warranted. The only question is, should I write a chapter or two of his backstory or leave it up to the rest of us to piece it together? Maybe I might have to put them in a poll on the NaNo site.

Here’s to November and 50,000 words!


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