End of NaNoWriMo

Well, I didn’t quite make it this year, but I am happy with the story I have got going. Will keep chipping away at, but now I concentrate on actually getting the story working a bit more and add more details rather than worry about a daily word count.

In the mean time, I ended up with yet another story idea to develop, but for now, that’s under wraps.

Anyway, stay tuned for some tips etc on writing that I have found a great way to deal with various aspects on writing.


Day Twenty One

The last week has been very bad with getting pretty much no writing done. Have been far too tired plus had a trip down to Adelaide to Supanova over the weekend. By the time I got back on the Sunday I was knackered.

So tonight was the first night in a week that I have done any writing. Was a slow start at Writer’s Group but in the last hour managed to get to over 1,000 words. Since getting back from that, I have now done 2,712, which puts my daily average required to around 2,700 a day to reach the 50,000 word goal. It is doable, so I’m hoping to reach that far. I guess we will see.

Day Twelve

Day Twelve has been quite productive for a Monday. Total of 1,892 words taking my grand total to 21,075. Just introduced a couple more characters and exploring their back story a little before we really have some fun with the horror side of things. Started to build up more of the mystery that develops in the second half of the story.

In other news, got a phone call from the facilitator of our Writers Group today. The local TV station wants to do an interview with us about the group and NaNoWrimo. After having the front page photo in the local paper, this is another great way to get word out about the group and our challenge for this month. Looking forward to the interview tomorrow!

Day Eleven

Now that is much better. Another day over 2,000 words, which I am happy with. This chapter has merged with the next one, but have added in a little mystery that will have pay off in the second half of the story. Total word count is now at 19,183. Just shy of 20,000. Hopefully will have another productive day tomorrow to make up for the lack of writing on last Friday.

I don’t think I’ll get to the 75,000 words that I am aiming for the novel in this month, but cracking the 50,000 is an achievement enough.

Day Nine and Ten

Day Nine – Total bust. Nothing writing as was far too tired after a busy week.

Day Ten – Well, at least I am back on track with 1,676 words written for the day. Does mean that I need to pick up another day’s worth of words tomorrow, but at least I am back on target.

Day Eight

Quite a slow day today, but got to my word count required. Now at 15,233 words, exactly 1900 words in front of the daily target.

One more day until the weekend, where hopefully I can get in a good 5,000 words over the 2 days again like last weekend. That will make it a good position for when I will lose at least 2 days due to travelling to Supanova.