New Year, Old Stories

2013 has begun with a bit of a slow start on the writing front. Very typical for me this time of year with a busy period at work, hot days and nights.

Writer’s Group kicked off again for the year on Wednesday night. Was a different way to get our creative juices going. Shared the first scene from last year’s NaNoWriMo  novel. This was unedited, so it’s in a very raw version. Still, it set the scene for the novel and world it is set in. Hoping to finish the novel off by the end of June before I lock it away for a few months and work on other projects. The only thing that might put a stop to that is if I decide to do the TAFE course on writing that will take up time from February to July part time. At least it is online so don’t have to leave the house to do the course. There are other options to do day/weekend trips to Adelaide to do a mini-course on various topics. The main one that I am interested in is doing an editing class, as I feel that is where I lack the most skill.


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