Writing Course

Applied for a Short Course on Creative Writing through the Adelaide College of the Arts, a division of TAFE SA today. It is the deadline but having made the phone call to them, they know it is coming. It is a bit silly that for an organisation like the TAFE that to apply, you have to fill in a paper form and send in the post. In this day and age, a simple online registration form would make sense, especially for an online course!

Anyway, looking forward to it kicking off in mid February. That will put a bit of a stop on my novel development for a while, but as the course covers editing and preparing for submissions it will be all worth it in the end.

In the mean time, thanks to a friend, I am polishing off the Sky Ships story for the Bath Short Story competition. Got until the end of March to get it done. Entry fee is UK 5 Pounds (about AUS$7.50) with first price UK 500 Pounds (about AUS$750.00) which would be a nice little bit of profit if chosen as the winner. It will be a bit tougher as it’s an international competition, so will be lots of other stories to be going up against, particularly those who have had more published than I have.


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