Some Pointers

Been reading up on some other author’s blogs and have come across some great posts over the last week.

First off is one from Devin Madson regarding “Writing a story is easy – writing a book is hard“. It covers the idea that most writers can knock out a story easily, but turning it into a book is the hard part. Go have a read and then come back. This is something that I do find hard to do, editing my own work to make it better. Thankfully I have a small group of writers that I see weekly plus also have another friend that I know I can rely on for some pointers.

The other is courtesy from the Just Add Story blog. Wade is another writer that I have made contact through twitter. He is doing a small series on World Building, with some excellent pointers. I will have to show them to Karl in the Riverland Creative Writing Group this week, particularly with his fantasy world he has been working on.

Until next time.


Walk on the Wild Side

For those who like a bit of food and wine to accompany stories, there is a local event happening at 919 Wines on the 14th of April. Walk on the Wild Side presented by 919 Wines, Whistling Kite Vineyards, Illalangi Gourmet Foods and Country Arts SA will feature performances and spoken word including monologues ‘Prince Willy’ by Yve Black and ‘Stick’ by Carolyn Burns published by Currency Press as part of The Voices Project in 2012 performed by Riverland actors Jessica Weidenhofer and Jamie Butters. Other written and spoken word from the Riverland Creative Writing Group will also be showcased. Local musicians Renee Cox and Jess Weidonhofer will also wow the crowd with acoustic guitar and ukelele performances respectively.

I am hoping to have something finished off in time for this event. Unfortunately, due to an extremely busy March, I didn’t manage to finish off the Sky Ships short story for The Bath Short Story Award, so should have it ready to premier at this event. I have never had any of my work be read publicly (at least that I know of) which is a little daunting. I am not sure if this would be the sort of event to read out the ‘Endgame’ story due to it’s dark content. The Sky Ships idea is more suited due to it being more uplifting in the end, after the events that are featured. I guess time will tell.

More details about the event can be found here, here and here.