Some Pointers

Been reading up on some other author’s blogs and have come across some great posts over the last week.

First off is one from Devin Madson regarding “Writing a story is easy – writing a book is hard“. It covers the idea that most writers can knock out a story easily, but turning it into a book is the hard part. Go have a read and then come back. This is something that I do find hard to do, editing my own work to make it better. Thankfully I have a small group of writers that I see weekly plus also have another friend that I know I can rely on for some pointers.

The other is courtesy from the Just Add Story blog. Wade is another writer that I have made contact through twitter. He is doing a small series on World Building, with some excellent pointers. I will have to show them to Karl in the Riverland Creative Writing Group this week, particularly with his fantasy world he has been working on.

Until next time.


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