Secrets in the Open

Some new developments with our local writer’s group.


Word Art Exhibition – Renmark Council Chambers Official SALA event

Exhibition Open 10th July to 14th August
Using the theme “Secrets in the Open”, writers from the Riverland Creative Writing Group has 3 weeks to create 1-3 pieces of work between 300-800 words per piece. Your creative writing will then be given to a local artist to respond to and interpret in their chosen medium. Both the written work and the visual work will then be displayed in the Renmark Council Chambers as part of the South Australian Living Artists Festival.
Your deadline to get work to me is  Friday 7th June (new writers are welcome so feel free to share around). Selected artists will also provide artworks which you can respond to creatively as a writer in a reciprocal exchange from the same date. 
There will also be a launch event (in July) incorporating some live readings with food and drink. Date and other details for the launch to be confirmed. 
This should be something interesting. Managed to come up with a few ideas for some short stories with one on the go already that wasn’t written down on Wednesday night. Probably only have the 1 story but you never know.

Short Form or Long Form?

The debate over short form or long form has reared it’s not quite ugly head in my mind. ‘The Never Ending Pilgrimage’, which I didn’t quite finish in time for The Bath Short Story Award, is being worked on again. I showed the latest draft to my father-in-law who at the end asked “So when is Chapter Two coming?”

I’ve had AJ Spedding, the proprietor of Phoenix Editing and Proofreading have a read of it and had a chat with her via Facebook. When I told her about what my Father-in-law had said, she agreed that the story isn’t quite as tied up as well as it needs. I told her that I had thought about developing it into a novel. Her response is that works well as the first chapter.

So now begins the fun part of looking at the story, working out what plot I could use to extend the story. There is a whole new world to explore out there, with a quest to find land and possibly another big pirate attack, as well as a hunt for a new First Officer for Captain Flannery.

So the question is, do I still stick with the Short Form, leaving the rest up to the readers imagination, or to expand it to the Long Form and build a whole new world in the process?