Short Form or Long Form?

The debate over short form or long form has reared it’s not quite ugly head in my mind. ‘The Never Ending Pilgrimage’, which I didn’t quite finish in time for The Bath Short Story Award, is being worked on again. I showed the latest draft to my father-in-law who at the end asked “So when is Chapter Two coming?”

I’ve had AJ Spedding, the proprietor of Phoenix Editing and Proofreading have a read of it and had a chat with her via Facebook. When I told her about what my Father-in-law had said, she agreed that the story isn’t quite as tied up as well as it needs. I told her that I had thought about developing it into a novel. Her response is that works well as the first chapter.

So now begins the fun part of looking at the story, working out what plot I could use to extend the story. There is a whole new world to explore out there, with a quest to find land and possibly another big pirate attack, as well as a hunt for a new First Officer for Captain Flannery.

So the question is, do I still stick with the Short Form, leaving the rest up to the readers imagination, or to expand it to the Long Form and build a whole new world in the process?


2 thoughts on “Short Form or Long Form?

    1. Quite true. It is just a matter of where I want to go with it. I am happy with it as a short story but the more I think about it, it feels lime it has far more legs to go further. Something I might have to discuss with my writing group this week.

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