Benefits of Reading Aloud

Last Wednesday night I read out loud my story I have been working on for the Out of the Dark anthology at my local writer’s group. Came back with some fantastic feed back about the story, plus it showed me a few sentences and some parts that I have missed in the story to expand upon.

The opening of the story has some small issues that after discussion with those who had attended, and now have decided to rewrite the whole first half in a new direction, whilst still keeping the 2nd half. For those who want a taste of the story, it features usage of cyrogenics, virtual reality, sleeper ships. The first half features a lot of the virtual reality and being attached to an automaton monitoring and then heads into the physical world for the 2nd half. The first half is now going to really add more to show the juxtaposition between being connected to the VR and automaton at the same time.

So now begins the fun process of changing the first half of the story.


Out of the Dark – First Draft Completed

It is done! The first draft of my story for the Out of the Dark anthology is now done. Had a good session at writer’s group tonight plus did a lot more after that. Total word count on the first draft is nearly 5,900 words, so pretty happy with that. I had already excised a whole section as I felt it slowed the story down but gained enough ground to reach the 5,000 minimum.

So now begins the fun process of editing it until it’s in a publishable form!