GISHWHES – 2014 Story

Some good friends of mine were participating in GISHWHES again this year and one of the items was to get a previously published SF author to write a story featuring Misha, The Queen of England and an Elopus. The story had to no more than 140 words total. This is what I came up with.


Misha caressed the near empty glass of brandy, reminiscing about the day he visited the Queen of England.
The ceremony of Knighthood was a long winded affair, all Misha could think about was his post-ceremony plans.
It was his time. He knelt before Her Majesty, head bowed low. As the sword was raised by the Queen, a voice rang out from across the hall. “Stop! This man must not be knighted.”
“Who dares?” the Queen asked.
The Elopus stood out from the crowd. “I did,” it said, munching on a peanut.
The Queen was ashamed and knelt before the Elopus. “King Misha, I abdicate the throne to its rightful owner,” she said.
Misha sat on the throne and smiled.



Latest Developments

Last week I completed the story for the From Out of the Dark anthology. The finished story was submitted and the editor is having a read and will let me know ASAP. Can’t wait to find out how it goes.

Also, this month, my writer’s group has another Word Art Exhibition coming. See the poster below. Looking forward to this one a lot, if I finish my story in time!


Poster A