Awards and Best Of’s

Right, I admit that I have been quite slack at keeping this blog up to date over the last 6 months or so. Lack of time and commitment to keeping it up to date.

To kick things off, the first semester for the TAFE course went well, with both subjects (Edit and Present Manuscripts, and Introduce Writing Styles, Techniques & Conventions) resulted with Credits. Very happy with those results and I really enjoyed doing the Edit and Present Manuscripts subject. I certainly learnt from that one and have started to use those skills in helping editing written works. The second semester kicked off a few weeks ago, the subjects this time being Write Articles for Publication 1 and Write Fiction 1 – The Short Story. By the end of the semester there will be another short story written that will be ready to send it to a publisher for submission. I have chosen an idea that I have had floating around for a while to write, albeit merged in with another idea.

And now onto the topic for today, I submitted my story in the From Out of the Dark anthology to both the Aurealis Awards and The Year’s Best Fantasy & Horror 2015. I was approached by Talie Helene via Facebook about The Year’s Best for 2014 but as I didn’t have anything eligible to enter for it, I passed on that opportunity then but kept it in mind that I could submit for the 2015 edition. As the story was published in January of this year, it is eligible to be submitted for this anthology.

The Aurealis Awards are the top awards for genre fiction written in Australia. I previously submitted the Endgame story for the 2010 Awards. It is a tough competition, but it is worth a shot entering it in. I don’t think it will get to the point of being short-listed, but happy just to try.

My actual time for writing has been few and far between but have managed to do some more plotting and writing down of ideas for various projects. I have made some progress on the Flannery: Agent of the Empire Steampunk series, where most of the plotting and ideas has been done, as well as increasing the word count on the first story to just over 4,000 words. The short story turned into a novella is slowly making progress. I recently purchased the Kindle version of this book and have found it a great read so far for building the foundation of my own little Steampunk universe. The idea for 3 novellas has now expanded beyond that and will be similar to the Bernard Cornwell Sharpe series of novels in that they can be read in any order (although the exception would be books 1 and 2 as book 1 will end on a cliff-hanger). This expansion allows me a chance to really play around with the characters and mix up a lot of the tropes featured in Steampunk stories.


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