Links and Interesting Places

Some important links that I have found useful as well as services out there:

Phoenix Editing and Proofreading – Run by AJ Spedding, covering manuscript read through, editing and proof reading.

Macmillan Publishers US Submission Policies – MacMillan has an open submissions policy. Have a read and see if it suits you.

Pages for iPad – What I do most of my writing when on the go with.

Scrivener – What I use when writing on my laptop, used most of the time.

Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine – An Australian based magazine chock full of  stories form home and abroad.

Hemingway – A great tool to run a draft through to pick up on adverb usage etc.

Cohesion Press – Small Press Publisher run by Geoff Brown.

SA Writers Centre – What it says.

Clarkesworld Magazine – SF & F magazine

IFWG Publishing International – Australian arm of IFWG Publishing


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